László Forró

Laboratory of Physics of Complex Matter, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne,

Materials are the linchpin of technological progress. For example, all energy related applications like photovoltaics, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, (harvesting, storing and transmitting) heavily depend on newly developed, more performing materials. This is well illustrated by the organometallic lead iodide perovskite (CH3NH3PbI3) which has recently revolutionized the field of Due to the handshaking of physics, chemistry and material science the material’s processing and
quality has increased, it has turned out that this material has opened the imagination for novel applications.
In this talk I will describe the activity of my laboratory in relation to this material in thermoelectrics, in magnetic data storage, in photodetection and in photovoltaics in nuclear environment.

Acknowledgment. This work was performed in collaboration with Endre Horvath, Marton Kollar, Balint Nafradi, Alla Arakcheeva, Xavier Mettan, Pavao Andricevic, Konstantins Matulnikovs, Laszlo Mihaly, Karoly Holczer, Katalin Kamaras and many others. It is supported by the ERC Advanced Grant “Picoprop”, and ERC Proof of Concept Grant “Picoprop4CT”.