Materials science and engineering incorporate acquiring of knowledge on synthesis and processing of materials, their composition and structure, properties and behaviour, functions and potentialities as well as application of that knowledge to various final products. Economic prosperity, life quality, and healthy environment are tightly connected with the improvements in the existing and the development of new materials and processing technologies. These improvements and development can contribute greatly to the national priorities: energy saving, environment and health protection, food, information and communication, infrastructure, transportation, etc.

Bearing this in mind, a group of leading Yugoslav scientists working in various fields of materials science and engineering established in 1997 Materials Research Society, first as Yugoslav and in 2008 as Materials Research Society of Serbia. MRS-Serbia organizes annual YUCOMAT Conferences in Herceg Novi in early September and from 2002 annual Young Researchers’ Conferences in Belgrade in mid-December. Average number of participants at YUCOMAT Conferences is 200 and more that 300 renowned scientist from all over the world gave invited plenary lectures.

member since 2008