Wayne D. Kaplan, Controlling Microstructural Evolution via Adsorption

Wayne D. Kaplan

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel


The role of dopants in processing ceramics has been an important issue for many years, especially given the contradicting reports of retarded or accelerated grain growth by key dopants and impurities. We have developed a technique to experimentally measure dopant solubility limits at the sintering temperature, such that actual dopant levels can be associated with equilibrium grain boundary (GB) segregation (below the solubility limit) or with enrichment (above the solubility limit). New analysis of GB mobility of alumina as a function of dopant concentration has shown that some segregating dopants increase the GB mobility, i.e. the opposite of solute-drag. The segregating dopants are associated with 2-D structural and compositional (complexion) transitions at the GBs, and possible changes in the mechanism of GB migration. This presentation will review recent GB mobility measurements and the concept of 2-D GB transitions, and their potential use for controlling the microstructural evolution of polycrystalline ceramics.

Plenary lectures - YUCOMAT 2016

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