Vladimir Srdić
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Srdić
Full Professor at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology
Bul.Cara Lazara 1
Novi Sad
Miscellaneous Information:

VLADIMIR V. SRDIĆ is a cooresponding member of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS) since 2007 and full professor at University of Novi Sad. He was born on June 7, 1961 in Novi Sad . V. V. Srdić finished primary and secondary school in Novi Sad and took his B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), M.Sc. (Inorganic Technology) and Ph.D. (Advanced Materials) degrees at the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad in 1984, 1989 and 1995, respectively. He obtained a research fellowship Alexander von Humboldt and at postdoctoral studying was fourteen months (1997/98) at Materials Science Department, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany in group of Prof. Horst Hahn. After that he was few time as a visiting researcher at the same department.

In period 1985-1994 he worked at the High Engineering School in Novi Sad and passed through all professions (from assistant to professor). From 1987 he was involved in research activities at Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, and from 1994 was employed at the same faculty as a teaching assistant. At the Faculty of Technology he was elected for assistant professor in 1996, associate professor in 2001 and full professor in 2006. giving lectures and exercises in Inorganic high-technology materials, Properties of materials (bachelor/master level) and Electronic and magnetic materials (doctoral level). V. V. Srdić was involved in the formation of a new study program “Materials Engineering” according to the Bolognia process. Together with his colleagues he worked on improving the theoretical and practical teaching, involved a new scientific knowledge and methods, and suppliednew equipments. He was menthor of one Ph.D., two Master and ten diploma thesis.

His research field is materials engineering – nanomaterials and nanotechnology, mainly directed to the synthesis of nanosized ceramic powders and processing of functional ceramics. In this field he has formed relatively young and strong research team.V. V. Srdić was author/co-author in 30 papers in leading international journals, as well as in about 70 papers presented at international conferences, symposia and congresses, with citation more than 150. He is author/co-author of two university textbooks, two proceedings from international meetings and one study about fuel cells, and also editor of an international scientific journal“Processing and Application of Ceramics”. He is coordinator of European project FP-7 projekta REGPOT-3, No. 204953: “Reinforcement of research potential of the Department of Materials Engineering in the field of processing and characterisation of nanostructured materials” (2008-10), and coordinator of national project No. 142059: “Synthesis of nanopowders and processing of ceramics and nanocomposites for application in novel technologies” (2006-10). He has participated in two European COST projects: COST 528 “Chemical Solution Deposition of Thin Films” (2004-2005) and COST 539 “Electroceramics from Nanopowders Produced by Innovative Methods” (2005-2009). V. V. Srdić has established cooperation (in some case a bilateral cooperation) with different research centres in Europe (Athens, Brno, Budapest, Bucharest, Darmstadt, Dresden, Duisburg, Karlsruhe, Kosice, Cracow, Ljubljana, Seged, Skopje, Timisoara, Veszprem). He is a chief-organizer of four traditional international meeting for young researchers - Students Meeting - “Processing and characterization of ceramics”, held since 2001 every second year in Novi Sad.

V. V. Srdić is a member of: the European Ceramics Society (from 2004, and representative of Serbia from 2005), Humboldt Club Serbia from 1998 (from 1999 is a member of Presidency of the Club), Serbian Chemical Society (from 1991) and was a member of the American Ceramic Society (1991-2002).He was/is also a member of four board/council (for chemistry - Ministry of science, Republic of Serbia; for nanoscience/nanotechnology-Ministry of science, Republic of Serbia; for technical sciences - University of Novi Sad; for technical and agriculture sciences - Secretary for science of Province Vojvodina.

member since 2008