Slavko Mentus
Prof. Dr. Slavko Mentus
Full professor at the University of Belgrade; Corresponding Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade
Studentski trg 12-16
+381 11 26 21 145
Miscellaneous Information:

Prof. Mentus was born in Sarajevo on July 28, 1946. He finished primary and secondary school in Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He received BSc degree (1969), Master of Sci degree (1971) and PhD degree (1975) in Physical Chemistry (1975) at the Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade.

As a teacher he taught lectures in basic electrochemistry, electrochemical kinetics, and electrochemistry of non-aqueous media, and supervised over 80 diploma works, 27 master theses and 27 PhD theses.

His research areas are electrode materials, electrochemical kinetics, energy conversion, materials characterization. He leaded many scientific projects, the last ones being: Lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells –research and development, funded under No III 45014, by the Ministry of education and science of republic Serbia (2011-2015), as well as: Electrocatalysis in contemporary processes of energy conversion, funded by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He is the member of the following scientific societies: Serbian Chemical Society

Society of Physicochemists of Serbia, Materials Research Society of Serbia

International Society of Electrochemistry, The Electrochemical Society (Pennington, USA).


His bibliography includes: three university textbooks, four chapters in international monographs, three reviews in international journals, 230 scientific papers (144 indexed by SCOPUS, and 193 indexed by Google Scholar) more than 180 reports on scientific conferences, 16 patents and know-how contributions.

He is an active an reviewer of many publishing houses, involving Elsevier, Springer, American Chemical Society Publications and Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing.

The awards received: elected to the membership of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, November 2009, as a corresponding member, and included in Springer’s edition “Who is Who in Thermal Analysis”, Eds: I.M. Szilágyi and G. Liptay (2014), p. 184



1970 - assistant in Physical chemistry , Faculty of Science, Univ. Belgrade

1979 - research associate for Electrochemistry, Faculty of Science, Univ. Belgrade

1982 - assistantprofesorforSelectedmethodsofphysicochemical analysis, reappointed in 1987.

1985-1987 - director of Institute of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Univ. Belgrade

1989 - professor in Selectedmethodsofphysicochemical analysis

1994 - professor in Electrochemistry and Physical chemistry of solid electrolytes.

1995 - full professor in Electrochemistry and Physical chemistry of solid electrolytes

1994-1998 - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Belgrade University

2001-2004 - Chief ot the Cathedra of Electrochemistry and Chemical kinetics, of the Faculty of Physical Chemistry

2004-2009 - dean of the Faculty of Physical Chemistry and the member of the Senate of the University of Belgrade

member since 2008