Dragana Jugović
Dr. Dragana Jugović
Principal Research Fellow
Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA
Knez Mihailova 35/IV
Miscellaneous Information:

She was born on February 1st 1973 in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Physical  Chemistry in Belgrade in 2002. She completed her M.Sc. studies at the same Faculty in 2004 with thesis „Characterization of LiMn 2-xMxO4 (M=Mn, Cr, Zn)  cathode materials obtained through ultrasonic spray pyrolysis“. She was elected a Research Assistant in 2005. She submitted her Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Physical  Chemistry in Belgrade. In July 2008 she defended doctoral thesis entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Oxide Cathode Materials for Lithium Energy Sources" at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry. She was elected a Research Associate in 2009, Senior Research Associate in 2014, and Principal Research Fellow in 2019.

Fields of interest: cathode materials, fine particles, aerosol synthesis, crystallography.

member since 2008