Eva Olsson, In Situ Advanced Electron Microscopy of Nanostructured Materials for Energy and Quantum Devices

Eva Olsson

Department of Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

In situ electron microscopy reveals the correlation between local material structure and properties and also allows the correlation to be studied on different length scales spanning from the subatomic dimension to micrometers. We can study electrically, mechanically and thermally induced changes of charge transport properties using holders designed to enable different stimuli. The direct correlation on the small scale involving individual interfaces, defects and atoms provides access to new information about which microstructural constituents that are active in determining the material properties on the different length scales. This talk addresses examples of in situ electrical and thermal studies combined with advanced imaging and spectroscopy techniques [1-3].


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Plenary lectures - YUCOMAT 2017

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